Helen McConnell Photography is an Award Winning boutique photographic studio.  To offer the highest quality of service to our couples, we limit our bookings to 25 weddings per year. Wedding Photography Investment

What our couples say



We are frequently asked, “How do you create such stunning images?” Our answer: “It’s easy when you are on your right path, doing what you are meant to be doing and loving what you do.” I was born into a very artistic family with my father being a World Renowned Master Potter and Artist. I wasn’t very much into painting or potting, but put a camera in my hand and a couple in love and I am in my element. My business aim is to provide my couples with an unforgettable experience on their Wedding Day, and then present them with the most amazing wedding album that they’ve ever seen, detailing the story of this one beautiful day in their lives. I love watching their faces as they first turn the pages of their brand new wedding album, knowing that this wedding album will be part of their lives and their family’s lives for decades to come. My team and I build up such a fun and trusting relationship with our couples that when they decide to start a family they quite often engage us to capture the next huge milestone in their lives. They felt so comfortable with us on their Wedding Day that sharing the next life event by having us capture the memories of their maternity and baby photographs is a natural step for them…and we love it too!


Describing a style is sometimes more difficult than it seems. There are certainly adjectives that we can use to describe how we see Helen McConnell Photography: sexy, sophisticated, edgy, avante-garde, fashionable. But these are just words. Helen McConnell Photography’s personal brand is more of a feeling – a very special experience. When you are being photographed by us, it will be fun, you will feel powerful, light-hearted, stunning…on top of the world because that’s how we envision our clients. We take the time to get to know you, to learn what will evoke the natural smile, what will cause you to show your sensual side, and what will allow you to just be you. That is what makes our photos stand out, the experience that allows the inner you to shine. Coupled with our extensive experience with lighting and posing, your Wedding Album will definitely be a Work of Art!